Congrats on Winning Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress Lupita Nyong’o!

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This College Girl Is A Teen Mom And She Has A Secret That No One Knows

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"I hope those of you that are feeling discouraged right now know that you can do anything that you put your mind to. Even if it’s a national wide pizza party tour; you can do it.”

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Throwing it back to me the past couple months and my indecisive looks 


Fiction vs So far away


oh boy 2013 was a year of beautiful selfies 

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I always wondered how you could have a threesome with two girls who didn’t care about each other but now that I think of it one girl could be riding your dick and the other could sit on your face while you eat her out right ????

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I had a feeling you might show up….

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Love the way my hair looks and feels today

Love the way my hair looks and feels today

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I face-swapped some of the kids at work with some of the baby dolls and it fucked me up

what even possessed you to think this was a good idea


it’s cute that they sell family sized oreo boxes thinking that people are gonna share them with their family


when two of your friends get into an argument and they both try to drag you in for support and you’re like


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